Monday, 28 June 2010

Creating Part Of A Music Video...

For our second A2 task, we had two weeks to re-create 30 seconds of a popular music video...

My team re-created "What I go to school for" by the boy band - Busted.

My knowledge of production technology has developed in more than one way, for example, I now feel much more confident in using the video camera, and I understand alot more of its functions. Aswell as actually capturing the footage, I now feel more confident in working with it once we have it - Editing it for example, using the adobe editing suite. I have now realised that Premiere Pro 2.0 actually appears more complicated than it really is!

Unfortunately we couldn't upload our music video on to YouTube because of copyright laws, but we managed to upload it onto another site called "vimeo" like I did on the first task mentioned previously.

Overall, on the subject of Digital Technology, I believe I have improved in all aspects of it. Although I would like to further my understanding of the editing suite, so that when I make my own music video, I am able to use the computer software to its full potential.

Within our research and planning, we had to do many tasks, such as deciding the cast, costumes, set and so on.

Furthermore, we also had to note down every single shot of the actual video, that we wished to re-create.

By doing this, I created the storyboard (below) which illustrates every single shot in the first 30 seconds of the music video: This storyboard proved to be very useful, as it was basically a script for us to follow, and we constantly referred to it, in order to capture the correct camera angles etc.

Therefore I think creating the storyboard was one of the most useful parts of our research and planning, and I definately intend to create one within the next music video I have to create.

I think we could have improved our time management a bit better, because I believe that we spent too much time recording our footage, which meant we had to rush our editing in order to meet the deadline. When I make my music video, I will create a timetable, so that I spend the right amount of time on planning, production and post-production.

During Post-Production, we used Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0.

We used this software to cut up our footage, take bits we needed, and remove bits we didn't.
The software allowed us to drag around our footage, and place it in time with a separate audio, it even allowed us to make certain parts of the video in fast, or slow motion, such as the pencil dropping on the floor.

The most useful tool I think, was the razor tool, which let us slice the footage up into separate clips, allowing us to extract parts of the video that we needed and remove footage that was useless.

Lip Syncing Excercise

To begin the A2 course, we created a quick lip syncing music video; Our group chose to do it for the song- "total eclipse of the heart" by Bonnie Tyler.
Through doing this exercise, I learnt the difficulties of lip syncing, and now I can empathise for my actors when they have to lip sync within my music video later on in the course.

When me, Dan and Mike created this quick video, we had to use digital cameras to capture our footage. Once we had all of our footage recorded (after some rehearsal!) we used Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 in order to put the video together, and delete unwanted footage.
We also used the editing programme to apply the audio into the video in time with our acting.

Overall I am proud of what me, Mike and Dan achieved, I think it was a beneficial exercise, as I now feel more confident in both capturing footage, and using it to make a final product.

Here is our video...