Monday, 31 January 2011

Production Log 2...

The mask that I ordered arrived a few days ago (Wednesday) and so all was going to plan.
We wanted to film at the weekend (Friday 28th - Sunday 30th) and had a camera booked and all the arrangements set in place.

Unfortunately over the weekend, our actor (Josh) became ill and felt he was unfit to to perform within our video, obviously Josh is our main character and almost every shot within our video involves him. Therefore we could not progress with the filming of our music video, and now frustratingly are a few days behind schedule.
We are hoping we can book and use a camera this Wednesday (2nd February) to try and make up for the lost time.

On the other hand, me and my partner have spent the last week editing the footage which we filmed in our first filming session which took place last weekend (Sunday 23rd).

The editing is coming on well, and even though it is taking a while, it is paying off because every shot is has a clean cut, and our footage is matching nicely with the music and our storyboard.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Production Log...

Me and my partner booked a video camera for this weekend, aswell as next weekend.
We wanted to film our music video in two halves, the first section will be all the shots without the masked killer, and next weekend we will focus our filming on the masked killer and the shots that include him.

We planned for everyone to meet up today (Sunday) and that plan went ahead, we met at the intended location, (our actor's house) and after a quick review of the script etc. we began filming countless shots.

I took the red hoody that I bought yesterday to the filming location, aswell as various other props such as a false gun and a knife.

After today's filming, I am very happy with the outcome, we have captured more than 60 usable cuts and we are going to use Adobe Premiere Pro tomorrow to edit our chosen footage.

Next weekend we will film the remaining footage we need before editing that aswell.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Props & Preperation...

We needed to purchase a mask for the killer within our video to wear...
I searched around the internet and found the exact mask we wanted on Ebay.
I have ordered the mask and it should arrive in time for our second video shoot which is taking place soon.

Furthermore, I was looking round the shops on my lunch break at work, and I found a bright red hoody on sale for £10.00.
I purchased the hoody because I knew it would be perfect for our music video as illustrated in the storyboard I drew.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Video Inspiration

This video uses masks as we plan to in ours, after watching this, me and my partner have decided we like the irony of the mask smiling in this video. Therefore we are ordering the same mask from this video, and using it for the killer to wear in our own video.

We have decided that we are going to shoot our music video from two angles and edit it so that it is shown in split screen. This will be complicated during production but I am sure the result will be effective...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


There is not a large amount of people needed to act within our music video, there are only two significant characters.
The first main character is the one who in the storyboard wears a red hoody, the second character is the murderer who follows him wearing the mask.
For our character who's daily routine is followed, we have chosen someone called Josh who fits in well with the appearance and style needed.
The masked character who murders "Josh" could be played by almost any confident male, including me or Matt who are directing the music video.
We might also gather a few of our friends together to act as extras walking the streets and making the scenario that little bit more realistic.

The image above shows Josh Herbert (18) who is our chosen actor. He is photographed in possible costume.

This image is of me wearing the mask that might be used within our music video. Although a different mask might be used as mentioned earlier, such as a plain white one etc.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Idea...

As I illustrated in our storyboard, the stalking character within our video is actually going to wear an intimidating mask as opposed to being an actual zombie.
He could wear a plain white theatre mask, or as I have drawn, a hockey mask.
I own a hockey mask at home and plain white masks are cheap and easy available so this will be easy to incorporate into our music video...